Microgaming Clear Play Bonuses and Strategy

The Clear Play bonuses are very exciting and fun; this system is designed to make it easy and fair for all parties. Microgaming clear play bonuses work a little differently from other casino systems. My account was split into two separate parts: my regular cash balance and my promotional balance.

While I played, my bonus balance was turned into cash balance in increments of 10 credits. Each game type works differently; for instance, higher house edge games like slots are 100% counted toward the wagering but lower house edge games contribute less.

Since most casinos are going to have some sort of wagering requirement (and there's really no way to get around it), I really prefer this method. It gives me the option of which games to play if I want them to count 100% toward wagering or not. All table games, such as poker, roulette and sic bo count 50% toward the requirements while blackjack, video poker and craps only count between 2% and 10% toward the requirements.

With some casinos, you're given the option of early withdrawal without meeting your complete wagering requirements. This can be a good option to use, especially if you win big. Games that can help you with this include high-variance betting games like the Thunderstruck slots. I find that if I use these methods and then reach my target gain, I will go ahead and cash out without being locked into the wagering requirements. Of course, this method is risky because you could end up losing your promotional balance, but after all, it is gambling.

Of course, sometimes I run into the situation where an early withdrawal isn't permitted. Most casino software falls within this category. When this happens, I usually go with a strategy of using high variance bets at first and then shifting to low variance bets after I've reached my goal. This helps me reduce the risks of losing my winnings while I'm fulfilling the required wagering commitment. I might start with high variance slots and then work my way to Jacks or Better video poker. The Clear Play bonuses at Spin Palace are great choices for anyone, too.

It's not essential that you have a strategy to fulfill your wagering requirements, but I find that I enjoy it more and feel as if I'm performing better if I do have a strategy. In addition, when I play the high-variance games, the bonus can be really beneficial if I win big. The Clear Play bonuses at Spin Palace make this venue a great place to get offers in addition to being a great casino all around.